Monday, July 13, 2009

Meagan's Wedding Weekend

Last Thursday I headed to Benton with Michele for our friend Meagan's wedding. Meagan and I were sorority sisters and roommates in college. Meagan also babysat Michele's kiddos with me throughout college!

Here's Meagan and I at her Bridal Luncheon.

Michele and Owen at the luncheon! Owen is getting pretty used to all these weddings, showers, luncheons, and bachelorette parties! Yes, when he was just barely 2 months old I took him to Hot Springs with me for a bachelorette weekend! He's going to be scarred for life!

This picture is of Meagan, mother of the bride, and all bridesmaids except Owen!

This was the night before the wedding. We all tried to calm Meagan down before her big day! She was so stressed and we all laughed b/c she couldn't pin-point anything to actually stress about! Her husband-to-be actually broke out in shingles on his face Thursday before the wedding. I think they both are anxious people! Poor guy, they put him on antibiotics b/c he had a red, bumpy, goose-egg on the middle of his forehead. The swelling went down a bit and a little concealer goes a long way! I'm sure their photographer can work some magic! There was A LOT of laughing that night and some great memories!

Here's Meagan and I on the big day! I was so thankful her dresses were black! The baby weight looked much better in black! Meagan looked so beautiful. I wish I would have taken a full body shot of her, but of course I didn't think of that in the moment! Also I totally didn't get a picture of Todd :(. You can click here if you want to see their engagement pictures. They have an amazing photographer so check them out!

Those handsome Tollett boys! These are Michele's boys and the boys Meagan and I babysat. From left to right: Travis (15), Trent (17), Truitt (7), and Turner (9). I started babysitting for them when Turner was 4 months old so they are like my second family!

We all left the wedding wondering if Meagan and Todd were going to make it to their honeymoon. They were going to fly to Hawaii the next morning. The funny thing is they BOTH started FREAKING OUT the week of the wedding and even tried canceling their flight b/c they were very nervous about being on an airplane for 8 hours! I mean they pulled out "a death in the family" card but the airlines wasn't having it! They are a hoot...surely they knew that when they booked the trip! And no worries they made it to Hawaii!

It was a great weekend and a beautiful wedding!

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  1. SARAH FRIES! You do NOT look like you have even one ounce you can give up!

    You look absolutely beautiful!