Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Honey!

If you haven't figured it out yet Lynlee was a honey-bee and Owen was honeycomb! Last year I made Lynlee's peacock costume, so this year I made it easy on myself and ordered one from Gymboree. It was a great idea I might add! I did make Owen's costume, but it wasn't too time consuming. I just took some old khaki clothes and painted hexagons with honey on them with fabric paint.
I can't look at this picture without cracking up! Notice under that extremely large chin of Owen's is a turtle neck. We have a family joke that it's hard to wear turtle necks or collars if you don't have a neck! Point proven.

Now poor Owen can relate to me when I wear Spanx! I searched for tan clothes for about 2 months and couldn't find a shirt to save my life. So poor guy had to SQUEEZE into 3-6 month clothes. Notice the hexagon pattern is really stretched out around the tummy area and the pants are almost capris!

All the grandkids! Belle and Dru were darling cats and Jeb was a rock star. Owen loved his guitar. Side note: Jeb lived up to his costume! That booger was so hard to get in a picture even though you can't tell here!

If you look closely, you can see his "piercings." He had one on his nose and a variety on his ears. He even had a sweet tat on his arm!

The whole trick-or-treat gang! The Kennedy kids were the Wizard of Oz clan! I can't believe Erin had enough time to get the cutest outfits for all 4 of the kids since they have only been home from Africa a few weeks.

Here are Gi and Papa with their Fries' great-grandkids! We have gone to visit them before trick-or-treating for several years now.

Don't those tights just make the outfit? She had a great time with Halloween. She was a little confused because if you asked her where she was about to go, she would answer "I'm going Halloween" instead of trick-or-treating. She just thought trick-or-treat was what she said to get candy! I spent 20 minutes trying to explain it and just gave up! I need Pat's logic, but he was too busy cheering on the Hogs at the game!
The honeycomb crawling away from all the crazy people! Don't worry he didn't have any candy. Or at least not while I was around...he stayed with GiGi and G-pops while Lynlee and I went trick-or-treating!