Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration #3 and #4

Sorry I have fallen behind. One of my best friends got married this past weekend, so I wasn't able to continue Lynlee's bday/week celebrations. There will be pictures of my friend's wedding soon too!

So celebration #3 was at my parents house with my immediate family. Warning: a ton of pictures to follow!
I finally got Lynlee the cake she had been asking for! In case you don't know the little doll is Rosetta (one of Tinkerbelle's pixie friends...go figure). Who knows why Lynlee wanted that specific cake, but she got it!
First, we started the evening off with the best investment my parents have ever bought...the blow-up water slide. It has lasted 3 years!

Then a little bike riding!
Lynlee couldn't wait any longer so we had to go straight to presents! Lynlee thinks the WORLD of her two cousins!! Those outfits are some of my parent's dress up clothes! The girls go straight there when we get to their house.

When I got to my parents house Lynlee wouldn't stop talking about party hats and how birthday parties needed them so Matt and Ang brought these cute party princess crowns! Anything the birthday girl wanted...she got! I'm still doing damage control and I imagine I will be helping her with reality for some time!

What a dorky but cute little face! She is testing out her new iPod nano!! Pat and I got it for her b/c I'm tired of buying a new portable DVD player ever 6-12 months. Matt got his girls these so I copied. She loves it. She also got a petshop fitness house, an outfit, gap giftcard, princess cashier register, princess leapster2 (an educational gameboy for girls!), 2 leapster games, and a swimming baby doll! We are still slowly opening all the boxes!

Blowing out the 3 candles! And yes Jeb has a diaper on in the background even though you can't really tell!

Aunt Ang just had to do this. Owen looks a little concerned!!

Birthday Celebrations #4 at Mrs. Kathy's house! Mrs. Kathy is Lynlee's home daycare provider. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER! She only takes 5 kids and Lynlee loves all of them. Owen will be going there also. All the other kids are around 2 and 3! The summers are pretty slow b/c some of us are teachers and keep our kids at home with us most of the time. So Z was the only kid at Kathy's for Lynlee's bday celebration. It was good though b/c I was able to really splurge on their goodie bags!

And there is Mrs. Kathy!

They also had lots of sugar to work with! We had bought some sugar cookies and then gave them our left over cake since we were heading out of town!!

Birthday Celebration #5 will be happening sometime this week so more pictures to come!


  1. Will you throw my birthday celebrationS next year? PULEEAAZZZEE!? :) I want to have 5 parties and get as many presents as Lynlee did!

  2. Jeb totally looks naked. Awesome. I just love how I got in the background of 3. Gross.

  3. What a rockin' party! That blow up slide is amazing! Do you slide down too...if I were you I would! I can only imagine how spoiled Lynlee will be after birthday #5!! Have fun!!

  4. Yeah you can totally slide down it! My parents bought it so it could hold at least 200 lbs.