Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunny Weekend!

Since today is rainy and cool I thought I would post some pictures of our beautiful sunny weekend!
This is Owen's reaction when we told him we were going to the park.....okay not really. That is just what he does when someone finally decides to talk to him (besides his sister who gets all up in his face and can't figure out how to control her volume level).

Here's Lynlee enjoying the slide at Lake Fayetteville.

Tina Turner watch out. This wind-blown look is really becoming on our precious 2 year old!

We took our stroller and walked across the bridge to the other playground in the Lake Fayetteville area. Lynlee loved watching the ducks dive under water. As you can see, Owen is just full of excitement!

Owen finally woke up during hour 2 at the park! He got to get out of the stroller and sit on the playground while sissy jumped and screamed all around him.

This picture was not taken at the park, but this is our lip gloss queen. I know my parent are cracking up at this picture because they used to worry that my future husband could not afford my lip gloss habit....I guess like mother like daughter. She pulls out approximately 5 of my lip glosses on a daily basis and generously coats her lips with all five colors. She has been doing pretty good on the application of the lip gloss lately, but she had a minor set back on Sunday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Love that smile!

Here are pictures of my 2 precious children at about the same age (approx. a month) with the same SMILE! I love it! They definitely have some similarities, but who knows if they will end up looking like each other?

Lynlee Kate

Owen Patrick (I would say he's the winner in the cheek department!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tired Daddy

So, I guess I'm not the only one sleep deprived at the Fries' house! Of course we have a newborn, so it's expected to not get much sleep, but we also have a crazy 2 year old. I can't wait until March 26 because we go back to Lynlee's pediatrician and HOPEFULLY he will take her off of the Albuterol (asthma med that's helping her lungs get back to normal). Like I have mentioned before, the Albuterol is liquid adrenaline and she has not been my good sleeper like she used to be since she has been on it. I had a friend, Heather, tell me that when she was younger everyone thought she had mono. She slept all the time, but it turned out she had asthma instead of mono. She slept all the time because she wasn't breathing well while she was sleeping. So who knows that could be true for Lynlee too, but I hope she returns back to her normal sleep schedule after we get her off the meds. Here's an example of our night with her. We put her down between 8-9 and at 11-12 when I feed Owen we usually still hear her talking/playing in her bed. A good thing about Lynlee is that she doesn't get out of her bed, just will play for hours in it! Well I said all that to show you a picture of Pat.

Poor guy feel asleep on the couch and if you look real close you can see one of Owen's clear pacifiers in his mouth!!! And no he's not sucking on it, he must have fallen asleep while juggling little Owen! He's biting on to the handle of the paci! You never know what you are going to find us doing around here!

Tonight I'm very excited. Pat and I (along with his 2 brothers and Kirsten) are going to the Martin Sexton concert at the Uark Bowl. Martin Sexton is one of mine and Pat's favorite singer/songwriters. Check him out on iTunes. He's got a folky-soulful sound (if that's a possible combination!).

I hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully the Fries Family will get some sleep!

Finally a few Owen pics!

Just a warning before you look...He has gotten CHUNKY! He has already outgrown most of his 0-3 months clothing. Those Fries kids are good eaters.

Isn't that face irresistible? Full of cheeks with a slight smirk! I love it and I know you all want to kiss and pinch those cheeks!

I know he probably was just passing gas, but I truly believe he was smiling at me! I need to check in the baby books to see when babies are supposed to start smiling purposefully, but I'm convinced he's there.

We get a lot of crazy faces from him right now. This is just one of many.

Awe so soft and cuddly. He is now a month old. He is still a great baby. He does love to eat as you can tell. He usually wants to eat about every 3-4 hours, which I think is pretty average for small babies. I'm ready for him to extend that time at night, I'm getting pretty sleep deprived. Anyone have any suggestions of what worked for your baby this little. I want to start cereal or something, but I know that's probably not what the Dr.'s and books (that I obviously don't read) suggest. I hope you all enjoyed Baby Owen!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crazy Lynlee

Just in case you can't figure out what she is doing she is feeding her babies! Not with a bottle, but with her belly button! I guess she thinks that's what I am doing when I'm feeding Owen. Also notice that she has the Boppy pillow on her lap just like mommy (except I tend to turn it the other way and actually lay the baby on the pillow!).

I have always heard about siblings feeding their baby dolls this way, but I wasn't sure if Lynlee would because we give him bottles too. It was just too funny to look over at her and see her doing it randomly! Sorry Aunt Angela if that embarrasses you, I promise I didn't teach her to do that (or at least not intentionally)!!

Like everyone else this weekend, we went to the park about 5 times while the weather was nice. Here's a few pics of Lynlee at the park. Sorry I don't have any of Owen. That cuddle monster was in my arms the whole time, which can make getting a 2 year old in and out of the swing rather tricky!

Here's our Sit-n-Stand stroller that we ALL love! Lynlee thinks she is such a big girl because it has a bench for her to sit on or a small platform for her to stand on! There is a small park near our house so we just load up in the stroller!

I promise I will take some new pictures of Owen this week for everyone to see how fat he is getting!