Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Happy belated Birthday to my parents. My mom's birthday was July 10th and my dad's on July 13th!

This picture is blurry b/c dad is by a fire watching tree limbs fall during the ice storm! I have 2 amazing parents and I am their biggest fan! I haven't been able to get their gifts all together yet, but I was able to make their favorite dessert.

Coconut cupcakes! They are super delicious and easy even though they are made from scratch!

Also, while I was out of town Owen turned 5 months! He is getting so big and usually really happy! We have started some veggie-baby food, because he has been acting really hungry. He has been doing great with the baby food and LOVES carrots!

This is the big man enjoying his exersaucer! I will have more pictures soon!

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