Monday, October 26, 2009


Okay, I know most of you have seen the movie Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. If you are anything like me you loved when the little boy dressed himself. He was so creative and his crazy attire choices made him even more adorable. I always thought that Adam's character handled it so well and pretty much went with whatever the boy put on. Plus, I thought I would handle my children's clothing wishes in a similar manner. Then it happened to me...THIS happened to me:

I know what you are thinking. "Sarah it is not that bad. She looks adorable." And all I have to say to you is that you didn't see her in person. Her polka dot dress is size 24 months (barely hits her thighs and looks 3/4 length), her purple leggings do not match a single dot in her dress, her leggings are too short, her pink socks are rolled below her purple leggings, her shoes are glittery silver which is another color not found in her polka dot dress, her polka dot jacket totally does not match her dress, and her shiny NAVY blue head band looks so dorky and did I mention it was navy? Whew, that was a lot and who knows if I even got it all!

Is it just me or is it so much cuter when someone else's child is dressing like a crazy child?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

I'm loving the season changing! I love Razorback football, comfort food, and sweatshirts! Life is great and we are very blessed and busy! We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with the Slaughter's this weekend. It was crazy and cold. Owen was a little concerned about the weather and failed to smile or much less look at the camera, but we got some cute pictures anyway.

Here are all the cousins. Lynlee LOVES spending every moment she possibly can with those kids. I hope they continue to stay close as they grow older. Nothing better than someone you love looking after you as you grow up! Definitely a prayer of mine.

Cute little bundle of harvest joy! He loved chewing on the hay and chewing on the small baseball sized pumpkins!

Pondering why in the world these crazy people that God so happened to place me in their home are putting me out in the cold in the middle of these hard orange things!

A smile only a mother could love...and everyone else can laugh at!

Now that one is precious...I don't care who you are!

Here's the only picture that actually turned out with the two siblings! I'm not complaining though.

We can't forget about the corny bear/pumpkin cut outs! Oh yes we did!

We will end with the two Fries hunks! Really could life be any better?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 Months...well yesterday!

Look who is 8 months and yes it was yesterday, but I'm just now getting around to it!

He is truly as sweet as he looks! He is really starting to do a lot! He officially has 2 teeth. Both Fries babies were late in getting teeth. He's sitting up like a pro. This past week he has gone from laying on the floor to the sitting position! It's funny walking in and seeing him sitting up in his bed just looking at us.

Here is the biggest milestone that has been brewing the last few weeks.

Yes, we have a crawler (well sort of) on our hands! He has gotten 2 steps/crawls in a row and then busts down on his belly. He can make it easily across the room in a very eclectic way. Here's a picture of one of his methods:

I call it the shoulder scoot! Hey whatever works right!

He has also started eating Puffs and crackers! He loves it!

Don't mind that little piece of puff on his mouth. He sure doesn't care.

We can't forget about Miss Priss herself! Here's her new glasses and super-cute Kicky Pants dress from Riffraff. J-Lo watch out!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Were Back!

We are still going strong here at the Fries household! I'm just slacking big time on my blogging! I decide to take some random pictures of the kiddos right before bed time.

Both kids are doing great. Owen's ear is healing and looking pretty good. Hopefully with time it will look even better. Lynlee Kate is SOOOO much fun right now. She is talking our heads off and saying the funniest things.

Surprise! Someone is finally talking to me! It seriously looks like no one ever talks to this booger!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be better at blogging I promise! I've actually been spending most of my time cleaning my house! Surprising I know, but we are having a home group with our church every Wednesday night at our house. Plus, we put our house up for sale. So I have a few things motivating me! I might also get my almost 8 month old baby's room almost put together! I'm really taking big steps here! Watch out...I might even start working out (keyword: might)!