Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Celebration #2

Today was officially Lynlee's 3rd birthday! Man does time fly. So for celebration #2 Mommy and Lynlee had a girls only day! We took Owen to Mrs. Kathy's and headed off.

First, we had a Starbucks. Yes, my 3 year old has loved the taste of coffee since she could sip off a spoon. She will drink it black, but she really likes it the way mommy gets it...with lots of sweet yummy goodnes (cream, sugar, etc.). We both ordered tall iced vanilla lattes! Before I get a lecture, Lynlee's was decaf! (Don't worry there are plenty of bad decisions on my part come up...many of them to do with nutrition and sugar. I probably shouldn't mention she had Ritz crackers and Pez for breakfast! I know you all would like to nominate me for mother of the year!)

Starbucks, I know you want to steal that picture!

So where next? Why of get a mani and a pedi!! Ha, this was Lynlee's first ever professional nail experience. While I got a pedicure, a lady painted Lynlee's toes and
fingernails. Lynlee picked purple, her favorite color of the month.

Sorry this picture is so blurry. It was the best I could do. I was so proud of her. She sat so patiently and was talking to the lady. I could not understand a word the sweet lady said, but Lynlee was sure shaking her head yes and no. Once I looked over and Lynlee was in about a 3 minute monologue. I had no clue what she was talking about, but I'm pretty sure the lady didn't either. Who knew a language barrier wouldn't stop Lynlee Kate!

Finished product. The lady drew some kind of white design on her big toes and put glitter on them too! So cute!

So here's a picture of me...I keep getting asked why I don't post any pictures of me. The answer is "I'm at least 20 lbs over-weight." I know Lynlee looks awful in this picture but this is the only one my cheeks didn't look filled with marshmallows and my four other chins weren't showing!! Seriously.

Next on to the mall where we met one of my bestest friends, Michele (Lynlee says "Chele").

As expected, Michele spoiled her rotten. She took her on a shopping spree in Melody's Choices. Lynlee was fixated on the Thomas the Train set up, so Michele got her a couple of trains. She also got her an art easel, which I am super excited about. It has a chalkboard, white board, and rolling paper! Super cool. Of course Michele got her the art accessories that go with the easel. Lynlee was so hung up on the trains that I still don't think she knows she got the art stuff. Toy stores can be so over-stimulating!

After a nutritious lunch of taco bell nacho cheese and chips, we headed to candy craze!

I just let her fill her bag with whatever in the world she wanted. I mean you only turn 3 once, right? You know it is bad when your 3 year old looks up at you in the middle of a candy store and tells you "I think that's all I want!" And within the next hour she demolished most of the bag.

We ended our girls trip with a ride on the mall spinny thingy!

I would say we had a successful day! We headed to Target after the mall and spoiled Lynlee some more! We also had her 3rd celebration tonight, but I will have to post about that later.


  1. So fun! And you are right, you only turn three once! But, man, you have TONS to live up to on the 4th birthday!

    I am finishing up my project for Lynlee. I will drop it by one day soon...GLAD I PICKED PURPLE! :)

  2. She is so adorable! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I think the Starbucks is great...Sydney used to drink coffee out of a sippy cup, with lots of milk of course. And, you are way to hard on yourself, you look great!

  3. That sounds like the best day ever...whether you're turning 3 or 33! She's so cute and you look great too! I don't believe the extra chins and puff cheeks! It sounds like you guys had the best day!

  4. Girl, she's looking so cute in her new little outfit!!! She's even got the sexy off the shoulder look nailed!

    I posted the video of Trinity on my blog. Sick

    Love ya!

  5. I wish I had a birthday like that! What a great day. Happy birthday Lynlee!!! Cute pictures!