Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hooked Up!

Everyone has been asking how I'm feeling, so what better way to tell everyone than to blog!

I have 9 radiation treatments under my belt and 21 more to go! So far I feel about the same besides occasional nausea and fatigue. The doctors say I could possibly see hair loss, skin reactions, loss of appetite/nausea, etc. closer to 3-4 weeks into the treatment. EVERYDAY (except Saturdays and Sundays) at 8:45 I get my radiation therapy and I have the same 3 extremely nice and bubbly radiology therapists at each of my treatments! The treatment only takes approximately 15 minutes. I counted today and I get "zapped" with what appears to be a purple light 76 times every treatment. No worries, I can't feel it!

The questionable part of the treatment is the mask! I think it might make some people cringe. I have this plastic, netted mask as tight as possible over my entire head. If that's not bad enough for most people, then they snap that mask with my head in it to the table! So yes, I'm attached to the table by my head and couldn't escape even if their was a fire in the room! Here's the weird thing....I kind of find it relaxing! I think the Lord knew what he was doing when he made me weird!

The purpose of this lovely tight mask is to make sure I'm in the exact same position for every treatment. You can see masking tape and marker on my mask, that is where I get the radiation. I think it's pin-pointing a small area. I have the tape on both sides like you can see and then another one right over my right eye brow.

Hope that helps everyone understand a little better into my new temporary life! I know the Lord is continuing to work on me through this so keep the prayers coming! Also, keep praying for the family members that have to put up with me!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Treatment to Start Thursday

I have to make this very quick because this laptop is about to run out of battery, and I left the power source at home.

Here's the skinny: We met with the radio-oncologist today. Sarah's radiation treatments will start on Thursday. We still don't know if chemotherapy is necessary. All the additional testing is complete, but the neuro-oncologist is out of town. We plan to get a hold of him next week to learn whether or not chemo is in the deck of cards. Regardless, radiation starts Thursday. Sarah was fitted for mask that holds her head still during radiation.

Sarah's last day of scheduled radiation is May 25th. She will remain in Houston until then.

We continue to receive many cards and calls of prayer and encouragement. Thank you very much. I'll have to elaborate a little more when I get this plugged in!