Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birthday Celebration #1

This week is Lynlee Kate's 3rd birthday/week!! I was going to throw one big party because she is really getting into the birthdays this year...but I wasn't on top of my game. It is hard to dodge all the July 4th parties and summer weddings. So instead of 1 big party she is having approximately 5 little celebrations. So get ready for a picture overloaded week of birthday posts!

Celebration #1 was at Pat's parent's house last night. We had a blast and Lynlee was on cloud 9!

Lynlee started off her night with a wagon ride from Papi Fries. He really wanted to be called grandpa but Lynlee had different plans! They bought this wagon so we could all take walks on our weekly Fries Family dinner nights.

And of course Owen got lots of love. Here he is with Pat's mom, Noni.

Lynlee and Uncle Joe eating some salsa! And Uncle Joe is a handsome, available man with a great job!! Just thought I would shout that out for any single ladies out there!! I won't mention that he and Pat talk not stop about fantasy sports...oops I just mentioned it!!

Time to open presents!! We could barely finish dinner to get to this part!

Lynlee got some petshop goodies from mommy, daddy, and Owen.

She also got some cute books and clothes from Luke and Kirsten!

And we can't forget the gianorm0us collection of princess pez dispensers from Papi and Noni! They know a way into a girls heart!!

Lynlee also experienced pop-rocks for the first time. Surprisingly, my sensitive child didn't mind the pops in her mouth (probably had something to do with the sugar).

Then cake. Needless to say Lynlee had a sugar high for the remainder of the night. This cake was an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was pretty good and I guess the sprinkles made up for the lack of icing decor. In case anyone wants to know most cake shops were closed yesterday! Hopefully I can redeem myself for some of the other celebrations.

Poor Trinity has to sing happy birthday at every celebration. To be honest it sounds like someone is being murdered! Seriously, Kirsten has proof!

Here's Owen with Luke's girlfriend, Kirsten. We just love her and can't wait until she becomes a part of our family (no pressure guys!!). She claims she is not good with babies, but by the look on Owen's face I would say she's wrong.

Group shot! BTW the one on the right is single!! Haha Joe is going to kill me ;)

What a lucky gal getting to sit with such handsome brothers!

Ended the night with sparklers! We bought a few too many this past weekend, so they might show up at more than one party!

Another item that you might see at multiple parties is this balloon! Creative moms please don't be disappointed in me...it really is a huge balloon and it plays music! Lynlee loves it so I guess that's what really matters, right?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNLEE! I hope you all enjoy all 5 of her parties! Sarah, there were no pics of you!! Oh well, you have 4 more parties to put of pics!
    BTW..if I were Joe I would kill you too!!

  2. Oh Lynlee Kate! What a special girl. She is growing up so fast! Don't forget to tell her about her birthday party when we get to Florida in a few weeks!!
    Miss you guys!

  3. Sarah! She is getting so big!

    I have a little something (LITTLE) for her! Tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM EMMA AND HANNAH!