Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunny Weekend!

Since today is rainy and cool I thought I would post some pictures of our beautiful sunny weekend!
This is Owen's reaction when we told him we were going to the park.....okay not really. That is just what he does when someone finally decides to talk to him (besides his sister who gets all up in his face and can't figure out how to control her volume level).

Here's Lynlee enjoying the slide at Lake Fayetteville.

Tina Turner watch out. This wind-blown look is really becoming on our precious 2 year old!

We took our stroller and walked across the bridge to the other playground in the Lake Fayetteville area. Lynlee loved watching the ducks dive under water. As you can see, Owen is just full of excitement!

Owen finally woke up during hour 2 at the park! He got to get out of the stroller and sit on the playground while sissy jumped and screamed all around him.

This picture was not taken at the park, but this is our lip gloss queen. I know my parent are cracking up at this picture because they used to worry that my future husband could not afford my lip gloss habit....I guess like mother like daughter. She pulls out approximately 5 of my lip glosses on a daily basis and generously coats her lips with all five colors. She has been doing pretty good on the application of the lip gloss lately, but she had a minor set back on Sunday.


  1. Great pics, Sarah! Love the first one of Owen!

  2. hey sarah! thanks for adding the button :)

    it was great seeing you sunday...owen is such a doll! i could've loved on him all day!

  3. Owen is precious! You will have to bring him in when you come. Thanks for all your comments, I look forward to keeping up with your blog and sharing my "makeup tips" with you! See you soon!