Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crazy Lynlee

Just in case you can't figure out what she is doing she is feeding her babies! Not with a bottle, but with her belly button! I guess she thinks that's what I am doing when I'm feeding Owen. Also notice that she has the Boppy pillow on her lap just like mommy (except I tend to turn it the other way and actually lay the baby on the pillow!).

I have always heard about siblings feeding their baby dolls this way, but I wasn't sure if Lynlee would because we give him bottles too. It was just too funny to look over at her and see her doing it randomly! Sorry Aunt Angela if that embarrasses you, I promise I didn't teach her to do that (or at least not intentionally)!!

Like everyone else this weekend, we went to the park about 5 times while the weather was nice. Here's a few pics of Lynlee at the park. Sorry I don't have any of Owen. That cuddle monster was in my arms the whole time, which can make getting a 2 year old in and out of the swing rather tricky!

Here's our Sit-n-Stand stroller that we ALL love! Lynlee thinks she is such a big girl because it has a bench for her to sit on or a small platform for her to stand on! There is a small park near our house so we just load up in the stroller!

I promise I will take some new pictures of Owen this week for everyone to see how fat he is getting!


  1. Oh my, that's hilarious! Cam and I laughed so hard. I'm glad she seems to be feeling much better.

  2. Oh my goodness! Josh and I are dying laughing! She is too funny! And too smart!!!

  3. This is hilarious! She is very observant!

  4. SO great! What a memory! I've heard of this happening quite often & wonder myself if Kennedy will do it as well when her baby brother arrives in 10 short wks. What a doll she is...and glad she's doing so much better now!

  5. Lynlee feeding her babies is so funny! I think its better she is using her belly button...don't you!?! ha! She looks so stylish with her little sunglasses on top of her head!
    Har-BEr still misses you! I looked in your room the other day and there was a grey haired woman at your computer! Needless to say, I didn't stop in to chat! :)

  6. Someone get this girl a Hooter Hider! Jeez!