Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Zoo Trip

Last weekend Lynlee and I were in a wedding in Little Rock. Pat and my Dad took Lynlee and my niece, Estella Dru, to the zoo! It wasn't that great. Apparently most of the exhibits were empty and Lynlee got scared by a goose right at the entrance gate, so needless to say the rest of her trip was a waste! But they did enjoy the train ride so here are few pictures.

Lynlee and her G-pops. My dad loves this kind of stuff. He will often call us in the morning and want to take all the grandkids to the Gentry Safari Zoo. I can go like once a year, but my dad loves it and takes the kiddos close to 10 times a year! They kids love it!

Here's some really cute shots of E Dru! Isn't she just gorgeous!

This one looks like a model pose with the wind blowing in her hair!

Now that's a pose! Will she ever grow out of this?

Have a good holiday weekend!

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  1. Now those are some CUTE kids. Their parents must be knock outs.