Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is are some quick pictures of Lynlee and me at Stephanie and Elliott's wedding a couple of weekends ago. Lynlee was a handful and her cute tulip basket was completely destroyed before she ever walked down the isle, but my friend Meagan was awesome with her. Lynlee would let Meagan do anything, but just would fuss when I walked around. We wore out the princess card. Everything we wanted her to do we just put the word princess in front of it and eventually she would do it or somewhat do it!

Her little flower girl dress was made by Stephanie's mom. It was so precious. Her ribbon matched our dresses, the bottom of her dress had a pleated ruffle thing that matched Stephanies dress, AND her mom monogrammed the inside of the dress with the date and event. So special!

Here is Lynlee (a.k.a. flower princess) and her "boyfriend" (a.k.a. ring bearer Sam) dancing to the band. Lynlee just spinned in circles to the music. We later figured out she was following the fancy light show on the floor. I would try to get her to stop and "shake her booty," but she would just look at me and keep on spinning as she was stumbling from being dizzy! And if you can't tell Sam is break dancing! He crashed about 20 minutes later. They were precious.

This is a really blurry picture, but you can see how beautiful Stephanie looked. Her dress was rocking on her perfect body! Hopefully we will get to see better pictures of the wedding soon.



  2. Oh my, the first pic of you two is just gorgeous! Like mother, like daughter! Hope y'all had a fun weekend!