Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 months/Baby Dedication/Mother's day

So today is Owen's REAL 3 month birthday! Happy 3 months Owie! He is really a great baby and I think he will forgive me for the mathematic calculation error!

Today was Baby Dedication at our church. Both Lynlee and Owen did very well. Lynlee climbed up and down the stairs during the prayer, but that was it! She didn't even try to talk to us! Owen also did good! Here's a few pics that my brother and sister-in-law took for us.

Here's the best picture of all of us looking towards the camera. Owen didn't have his paci in the whole time, just during the end of the dedication. Apparently, Pat didn't know to look at Matt and Ang taking our picture. He didn't know if they were supposed to be action shots or not???? Men and pictures just don't mesh! What's so hard about it? Smile when someone is holding a camera your direction. I guess standing in front of the entire church flustered him! See what I have to deal with...Pat and 2 moving targets. Can we say mission impossible?

Miss Priss herself! I honestly have no clue how she got so prissy. She DEFINITELY did NOT get that from her momma. I just knew if I was going to have a girl that she would be athletic and love to be active and get dirty....NOT play with barbies and talk nonstop about princesses! She is a firecracker so maybe she will surprise me! But yes she has on a necklace, hello kitty watch from McD's, and is carrying a princess purse jammed packed with lip gloss and lipstick (all from my make-up drawer, and I didn't notice they were in her purse until we got to church).

Here's my niece Belle pointing to Owen's picture in the bulletin today! Isn't she precious?

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's! I got a cute necklace with a "O" and "L" charm on it. I'm so excited about it and it is really special to me! Thanks Pat, Lynlee, and Owen for making this a great and memorable Mother's Day!


  1. i completely forgot about baby dedication yesterday! we got there right when y'all were walking off stage! i hate that i missed it :(
    you look great! happy (1-day late) mother's day!

  2. Looks like a VERY successful service! Glad they both cooperated so well on such an important day~always a Mother's fear. Happy belated Mother's Day as well!