Friday, June 17, 2011

Houston Report

We just left Sarah’s consultation at MD Anderson. The big news of the day: Sarah will have chemotherapy for at least six months. This is a good thing! In fact, it is a great thing! Let me try to explain.

As you might remember, surgery removed 90%-95% of Sarah’s tumor. The goal of the 30 days of radiation was to reduce the amount of residual tumor that remained. Sarah’s oncologist, Dr. Conrad, estimated that the amount of residual tumor was reduced by 50% through the radiation therapy. So, for the math majors (Angela), this would mean that approximately 95%-97.5% of the tumor is gone.

The tumor’s response to radiation therapy is a good sign that it will respond just as well to chemotherapy. This is considered a mild form of chemotherapy that Sarah will be able to take at home by mouth with very little side effects. She will take 5 pills a month over a 6 month period. Ultimately, the goal of chemotherapy is to further reduce the amount of residual tumor. She will certainly be on it for 6 months, and will later be determined whether another 6 months treatment is beneficial. During this time, she will go back to MD Anderson for a MRI/check-up every two months.

A few people have already had questions or concerns about Sarah’s upcoming chemotherapy. We want to make certain that you know that this is a good thing. This is the next step towards Sarah’s recovery. Dr. Conrad is still very positive about Sarah’s progression. He suspects that after chemotherapy, Sarah will be on a very easy maintenance plan of Accutane. Sarah thinks that’s pretty funny and looking forward to great skin!

All is well. Thank you for your prayers. God is sovereign through all this!


  1. PTL! I love y'all!

  2. Awesome news! Praise the Lord!

  3. Awesome news! Continued prayers for complete healing!

  4. Of course, Sarah would make light of the situation - haha! I'm so glad you received good news Sarah! Love ya girl!

  5. Thrilled about your great news!!! Continuing to pray!!

  6. God is good! I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  7. I was asked just a couple of days ago who I looked up to the most in America...Sarah! I miss the Fries Family Four a lot but I am thrilled to hear this news! Awesome!
    P.S. That song by Kari Jobe is good stuff, thanks for sharing!