Monday, October 5, 2009

Were Back!

We are still going strong here at the Fries household! I'm just slacking big time on my blogging! I decide to take some random pictures of the kiddos right before bed time.

Both kids are doing great. Owen's ear is healing and looking pretty good. Hopefully with time it will look even better. Lynlee Kate is SOOOO much fun right now. She is talking our heads off and saying the funniest things.

Surprise! Someone is finally talking to me! It seriously looks like no one ever talks to this booger!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be better at blogging I promise! I've actually been spending most of my time cleaning my house! Surprising I know, but we are having a home group with our church every Wednesday night at our house. Plus, we put our house up for sale. So I have a few things motivating me! I might also get my almost 8 month old baby's room almost put together! I'm really taking big steps here! Watch out...I might even start working out (keyword: might)!


  1. Sarah! I dreamed about you last night! That you and I went HOUSE hunting with Owen after church one Sunday. Church met in a basketball arena and I pushed Pat (yes, Pat) in a grocery cart to the car...and you were so mad and kept say "stop pushing him, your pregnant!". Hilarious....yet, so real AND so weird!!! And, then I look at your blog this morning and YOU ARE SELLING YOUR HOUSE!!!! Dreams are so stinkin weird! Let me know if you want to go house hunting :)

  2. Well, I got on here to leave a comment but can't stop laughing at KB's comment. Nothing I can say can top that!

  3. You crack me up!!! It was good to see you today!!