Monday, September 14, 2009

Sister Pains

How does someone's older sibling go from a sweet angel to a crazy daisy in just a matter of months? Here's a small collection of pictures of what all the little man has endured thanks to his sister.

He seriously doesn't have a clue! He's just so excited everyone is paying attention to him! His older girl cousins might of had a hand in this one so Lynlee can't get all the blame!

Just another chew toy to him...not a sparkling princess fairy wand! And don't worry all you good moms, I kept a good eye on him to make sure a princess jewel did not fall off into my little prince's mouth!

So on this day, I thought I had a few seconds to put on my make-up. Everyone was being really quiet (which I'm learning is a bad sign!) so I decided to check on them. Looks like Lynlee found an alternative use for post-its!

Seriously...he has no clue! He didn't even attempt to put up a fight!

I'm starting to worry about when this little guy goes to school. Will the mean bullies just automatically see him as an easy target??

No clue that this could have been a bad idea...

Lynlee also thinks EVERYONE loves hide-n-seek.

And for some crazy reason...he does!

This is what occurs if you ask Lynlee to get Owen a few toys to keep him busy. Once again he loves it!

Slightly concerned, but definitely not complaining because his smart sister figured out the paci will hide almost every cry!

She just loves him so much she wants to squeeze the fire out of him!

I think a cry was about to occur on Owen's part!

Okay, so you can see his polly pocket car and princess horse BUT can you see what he has in his mouth? He seems to think it is a paci, but it isn't. It is a pretend medicine dropper from one of Lynlee's doll doctor kits. And yes it is pink! If Owen gets any where near this toy it goes directly into his mouth and he will suck on it for a good 20 minutes! No Clue.

We will end with Owen's first experience of food! I had it all planned out, but mini mom decided she had everything under control!

I promise NO babies were injured during these events despite what it may look like!


  1. All these pictures are precious and look like so much fun!! At first I thought the sticky notes were a bow in the first pic, I laughed I must admit. : )

  2. That's hilarious...I am just about to do a post about what Hannah did to Catherine last night...stay tuned!

  3. Poor Owie. It only gets worse, Sweetie.

  4. Ah man!! I sure do miss those two crazy kids!


  5. I am so glad to see that my little "angel" is not the only crazy daisy out there! Thanks for the post!

  6. Too cute! Lynlee and Elise seem to have a lot in common. :) Elise tries to be a little mini mom too when it comes to babies (although she doesn't have a younger sister/brother), she just loves babies.

  7. They are so cute! Owen has such a big smile! I love it!