Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 Months!

Guess who's 4 months old today (yes I doubled checked and I actually got the date right this time!)?

4 months is fun because you can legally start feeding your baby rice cereal. By legally, I mean the pediatrician tells you to try! I know...surprisingly I follow the rules sometimes. I always have chunky, healthy, good-sleeping babies so I never see a need to try earlier. Here's some picture of Owen's first cereal experience!

I know all you neat mom's are wondering how I let his face get this messy. Just keeping scrolling, you'll figure it out!

Keep scrolling!

Almost there.....

You guessed it...the mini-mommy herself took control of Owen's cereal experience. I only was "allowed" to give Owen 2 spoon fulls. Let's just say she emptied the bowl of cereal, but I'm not too sure much of it got in his mouth!

She did take occasional breaks to wipe his mouth (or nose as the picture shows).

Is that face not screaming "SAVE ME MOM" or "GOD, WHY ME?"

I bet this face sums up Owen's cereal experience! On Lynlee's defense, he really isn't adjusting to the spoon thing! And yes, I follow the doctor's orders on introducing cereal with a spoon not a bottle. I can't remember why he told me not to give it to Lynlee in a bottle, but I'm going for Owen's check-up on Friday and I'm sure my memory will be refreshed!

I hope everyone has a very happy Wednesday!


  1. oh my! "Why Me" is my most favorite! It's my background!

  2. What a good helper!! Lucky for Carson Sydney was a little older when he was born. ha! Owen's announcement was precious.

  3. This is so funny...and cute!

  4. What a sweet post! Lynlee is such a good helper!