Friday, April 17, 2009

DeQueen Trip

My bestfriend, Kimberly, lives in the big town of DeQueen, Arkansas and she had her 2nd baby 2 weeks ago. I couldn't find a free weekend this month to go visit, so I got brave and loaded Lynlee (2 1/2) and Owen (9 weeks) into the car for a 3 1/2 hour drive by MYSELF! I don't know if that's bravery or insanity! But we had a great time! I'm sure Aunt Kim and Mic-dog (A.K.A. Micah) are glad that we are back in Springdale, but we already miss them. Here is a visual of what Kimberly and I did the past 2 days. We both sat nursing our newborns talking for hours while our 2 1/2 year old and 18 month old DESTROYED the house! It was fun though, at least for me!

Here's Lynlee and Emme! I know Lynlee has a mouth full of banana Laffy Taffy (yeah I know I'm a great mom for giving my child candy on a regular need to tell me!) and Emme almost has a toy covering her face, but this is the ONLY picture I got of the both of them looking at me at the same time and believe me I tried more than once!

Here's Lynlee reading a book to Emme. SO CUTE. Emme was actually looking at the book too, but I distracted her!

Now Lynlee is looking but not Emme! See I was telling the truth!

Once again...only one girl looking at me!! I have several bath shots and it is crazy how those two stinkers would not look at the same time. Oh and I promise Lynlee is not drinking that nasty bath water! She's just about to poor it on her head! prepare yourself for some of the cutest pictures you will ever see in your life!!!


Is that not the cutest? Just wait they keep getting better! Owen has his arm around Lila and Lila is resting her sweet head on his shoulder! As you will see Owen LOVED it and couldn't stop smiling! Kimberly and I were cracking up too! Kimberly and I put them in the bouncy chair together to make fun of Mic-dog b/c he has already laid strict rules in the Martin house! No boys can sleep in the girls bed!

He is loving it! Another funny note, they both kept hitting each other in the head with their uncontrollable arms!

This was the reaction after we discussed the arranged marriage!

How cute will this be on the slide-show during rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding day! Ha, so I'm totally joking, but it would be funny! Doesn't Lila look so safe and sound in the arms of a real man??? (that's a one liner courtesy of one of my grandpas...EVERY time you give him a huge he says "I'm glad you now know what it feels like to be hugged by a REAL man!" It still makes me laugh even though he has said it a billion times!)

Hope you all enjoyed! Sorry for the abundance of pictures! We miss you Aunt Kim, Mic-dog, Emme, and Lila! Thanks for letting us crash at your place for a couple of nights!


  1. Simply adorable! Owen looks like he is happy as can be!

  2. two words. Oh. My!! .... adorable!

  3. These are precious pictures. I absolutely love the ones of the two youngest babies together. Thanks for posting your blog on the Gamma Nu list. I think this will be fun. If you know of others, please let them know to add theirs as well. Come by my blog for a visit! I'm in Fayetteville lots because my daughter (Emily Hinton) and her family are there.