Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch out Project Runway!

While we were in the hospital, Pat and Lynlee had an interesting way of passing the time! Lynlee was getting a little restless and there were only so many times Pat could walk her down the hall to see all the babies.  Needless to say, he got creative.  I'm pretty sure Pat could have a shot as a designer on Project Runway and Lynlee definitely has a shot at modeling!

I know she is missing some key components to an outfit, but use your imagination! She is really working the cat walk here!

Look at that pose!  
This is one of Pat's finest designs. Please ignore the fact that he was in a fraternity in college and that he dressed our 2 year old precious daughter in an outfit similar to a toga! She had no clue and was having a blast with her daddy!

I also need to send a shout out to my favorite nephew, Jeb Sullivan. Today is Jeb's one year old birthday! Happy Birthday big man!


  1. Pat has quite an eye for fashion! I love the topless turban look! :)

  2. Hey Sarah! Just found your blog! Congrats on Owen he is just precious and I cannot believe how mucy Lynlee has grown! Miss you guys!

  3. Hey! I tagged you on my blog today (Tuesday).