Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome the new blogger!

I finally did it!  I took the leap and I'm creating a blog!!  Those that know me know that I'm not the best with time management!  I'm hoping I will actually be able to keep up with this project.  A lot of you also know that my sister-in-law, Angela, has an amazing blog.  We are related, but not by blood so understand that I cannot write anything like her.  And I can almost guarantee that nearly every sentence I write will probably be grammatically incorrect! 

Here's a little bio:  Pat and I have been married for 4 1/2 years.  He works for Tyson Foods and I work for Springdale public schools as a speech-language pathologist.

Then we decided to get a dog!  Meet Oxford.  He is our 100 lbs chocolate lab!

Next came our precious 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lynlee Kate.  She keeps us laughing and busy!

Lastly, Owen Patrick will be joining us on approximately February 25th!  I'm doing you all a favor by not providing a picture of my 8 month pregnant belly!


  1. Sarah your blog looks great! I will enjoy keeping up with you guys this way!

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! Welcome! I didn't realize you are due next month! That is crazy. I LOVE his name.

  3. Yea! I'm so gald you're blogging now. I read Matt and Angela's blog (although I've never met her ;) through Boni's. She IS an awesome writer and I love seeing your brother's kids. They are adorable and so is Lynlee! Congratulations on the baby boy to be...boys are so fun and love their mommies a ton. I bet you look precious 8 months preggers. Well, this IS just a comment so I should probably end this book I'm writing you. My blog address is I can't keep up all the time either but it's very addictive. And trust me, there is no interesting writing from me either...maily pictures with descriptions. I hope you're all doing great and am so excited that I can keep up with you guys now.

  4. Oh My!! How precious! I just love your whole Fam...but you know that already. Great blog!

  5. Hi Sarah! Lynlee is your little twin! She's so precious and I can't wait to see pictures of Owen! I'm glad you all are doing well.

  6. Hi Sarah! It's so nice to see you after so many years. I think the last time is when you and your Mom were judging the Cutest Baby Contest in BV. That was about6 years ago I think! I found you thru Angela's blog. You look wonderful and you have a beautiful family! I didn't even know you were married, much less kids! I hope everything goes well with your new baby boy! It will be fun to keep up with you thru your blog.

  7. I guess I should have been more specific- ERICA (HENLEY) KENNETT