Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update 8/2/11

Just wanted to give a quick update on how Sarah is feeling.

We've spent the last week in and out of doctors' offices seeking diagnosis for Sarah's nausea. Long story short, all the gastronomical tests were, essentially, uncircumstantial.

The good news is that Sarah has felt marginally better the past few days, and has been prescribed some medication that seems to be helping.

We take another visit to Houston at the end of August for a standard two-month follow-up. Hopefully, Sarah continues to feel better, and we have a great visit/report.

On a side note, something really cool occurred this afternoon. Sarah absolutely loves her primary care physician, Dr. Furlow. He has prayed with us in his office, and has spoken countless words of encouragement to her and I since her diagnosis.

Though they have never met, Matt Chandler, a pastor in Dallas, has significantly challenged Sarah's faith through his faithful fight against brain cancer.

We were not able to see Dr. Furlow last week, when Sarah first began feeling sick. He was on vacation. When we finally got to see him today, he (again) had many encouraging words for Sarah and I. While on vacation, he was able to spend time with Matt Chandler at Camp Kanakuk family camp, and brought with him countless stories about the energy, faith, strength, and normalcy of the life he is able to lead.

This type of connection between two people who have encouraged Sarah, independently, is unexplainable apart from the providence of God. Good stuff!


  1. Thank you for the encouragement. My son is fighting stage IV melanoma and everytime I check in on your family I get encouraged. Thanks!!!!
    You all are in my prayers and my church family prayers.

  2. I am so glad to hear Sarah is feeling better. I keep her and your family in my prayers. Having a Dr. that you love is sooo important in healing. I love my Oncologist Dr. Klien! He has even given me his private cell number. Praying for a good no, GREAT report on next Houston visit. As always, sending well wishes and blessings.

  3. Sarah- You reflect the glory of our God with your life. You, just like Matt, show the world that He really is all we need to sustain us regardless of our circumstances. He is good and His grace and mercy and love are more than enough for us. Thank you for encouraging me.
    John Furlow

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