Wednesday, May 5, 2010

World's Best and Worst

This could turn out terrible.

I used to get nervous before middle school basketball games. The first stall in the men's restroom was MY locker. Unfortunately, my efforts in that stall never untied the knots in my stomach. My first missed shot always did.

That same feeling resides as I attempt to write about my bride, the mother of my children, and my #1 fan. If I could admit a shortcoming before continuing, I think that I could proceed with a little more freedom.

I am the world's worst giver of gifts. I put Scrooge to shame. I'm pretty sure that Lynlee quickly unwraps her gifts and throws them into her closet, fearing that I would take them back to the store if given the chance. I've definitely missed it.

Somehow, (maybe divine appointment) this world's worst giver of gifts fell upon the world's best.

I love that Sarah is such an impressive giver. I often wish the world could see the depth of her generosity. Specifically, her generosity with TIME.

I'm reminded, almost daily, of the sacrifices that she makes for Lynlee and Owen. More than that, though, I stand impressed by the generosity she shows in spite of raising two kids. What a model our kids will have! They will have no doubt that mom loves them. They will also know that the love and generosity that we show each other is not reserved for each other.

Sarah, you are amazing! I love you! Happy Mother's Day.


I'm still not so sure that you are going to get a great gift. I may have to work with Matt on that. He seems to have the market cornered.