Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is are some quick pictures of Lynlee and me at Stephanie and Elliott's wedding a couple of weekends ago. Lynlee was a handful and her cute tulip basket was completely destroyed before she ever walked down the isle, but my friend Meagan was awesome with her. Lynlee would let Meagan do anything, but just would fuss when I walked around. We wore out the princess card. Everything we wanted her to do we just put the word princess in front of it and eventually she would do it or somewhat do it!

Her little flower girl dress was made by Stephanie's mom. It was so precious. Her ribbon matched our dresses, the bottom of her dress had a pleated ruffle thing that matched Stephanies dress, AND her mom monogrammed the inside of the dress with the date and event. So special!

Here is Lynlee (a.k.a. flower princess) and her "boyfriend" (a.k.a. ring bearer Sam) dancing to the band. Lynlee just spinned in circles to the music. We later figured out she was following the fancy light show on the floor. I would try to get her to stop and "shake her booty," but she would just look at me and keep on spinning as she was stumbling from being dizzy! And if you can't tell Sam is break dancing! He crashed about 20 minutes later. They were precious.

This is a really blurry picture, but you can see how beautiful Stephanie looked. Her dress was rocking on her perfect body! Hopefully we will get to see better pictures of the wedding soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rollie Pollie

Guess who's rolling over? You got it...Owen! He rolled over last week on Wednesday but I just caught the end of it and I wasn't sure it was the real thing. Well he did it in front of my mom and Pat yesterday, then again today so I guess it is official. So far he is just rolling from his belly to his back, but I think the other direction is coming real soon.

He is such a boy, he can hardly contain his excitement for a picture! And yes he is as squishy as he looks!

Here is the cute siblings! I know Owen looks a little frightened, but I promise no babies were harmed during this photo-shoot!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Zoo Trip

Last weekend Lynlee and I were in a wedding in Little Rock. Pat and my Dad took Lynlee and my niece, Estella Dru, to the zoo! It wasn't that great. Apparently most of the exhibits were empty and Lynlee got scared by a goose right at the entrance gate, so needless to say the rest of her trip was a waste! But they did enjoy the train ride so here are few pictures.

Lynlee and her G-pops. My dad loves this kind of stuff. He will often call us in the morning and want to take all the grandkids to the Gentry Safari Zoo. I can go like once a year, but my dad loves it and takes the kiddos close to 10 times a year! They kids love it!

Here's some really cute shots of E Dru! Isn't she just gorgeous!

This one looks like a model pose with the wind blowing in her hair!

Now that's a pose! Will she ever grow out of this?

Have a good holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Look at this pose...FIERCE is the only word to describe it!

And this one is just as good!

Ha! I'm pretty sure a modeling agency is going to contact me ASAP once they see these shots! Lord help us!! I have no clue where she got this prissy side...honestly it's not from me. And BTW those are really her poses, that is not an action shot!

My sister-in-law and I went to the promenade on a rainy day with Jeb, Dru, Lynlee, and Owen. We got a lot of crazy looks, but overall the kids did pretty good. Lynlee and Dru were starting to get tired of each other towards the end. I'm not sure if Ang will ever go shopping with me again! Hopefully she will. We obviously went shoe shopping and the girls were all over the place. I'm sure Dillard's is still finding shoes that they took off the shelves and tried on!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 months/Baby Dedication/Mother's day

So today is Owen's REAL 3 month birthday! Happy 3 months Owie! He is really a great baby and I think he will forgive me for the mathematic calculation error!

Today was Baby Dedication at our church. Both Lynlee and Owen did very well. Lynlee climbed up and down the stairs during the prayer, but that was it! She didn't even try to talk to us! Owen also did good! Here's a few pics that my brother and sister-in-law took for us.

Here's the best picture of all of us looking towards the camera. Owen didn't have his paci in the whole time, just during the end of the dedication. Apparently, Pat didn't know to look at Matt and Ang taking our picture. He didn't know if they were supposed to be action shots or not???? Men and pictures just don't mesh! What's so hard about it? Smile when someone is holding a camera your direction. I guess standing in front of the entire church flustered him! See what I have to deal with...Pat and 2 moving targets. Can we say mission impossible?

Miss Priss herself! I honestly have no clue how she got so prissy. She DEFINITELY did NOT get that from her momma. I just knew if I was going to have a girl that she would be athletic and love to be active and get dirty....NOT play with barbies and talk nonstop about princesses! She is a firecracker so maybe she will surprise me! But yes she has on a necklace, hello kitty watch from McD's, and is carrying a princess purse jammed packed with lip gloss and lipstick (all from my make-up drawer, and I didn't notice they were in her purse until we got to church).

Here's my niece Belle pointing to Owen's picture in the bulletin today! Isn't she precious?

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's! I got a cute necklace with a "O" and "L" charm on it. I'm so excited about it and it is really special to me! Thanks Pat, Lynlee, and Owen for making this a great and memorable Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brain please come back!

Okay...completely embarrassed I have to admit one of my MANY mistakes!

In my previous post, I wished Owen a happy 3 month birthday. WELL he's not 3 months yet! Thanks to my Granny for pointing that one out to me. Owen was born on February 10, 2009 which would make him 3 months old on May 10 ,2009 (not May 5, 2009). Minor mistake, right?

So as with most things I say, I have to give you my explanation of what in the world I was thinking! Every Tuesday I add a week to Owen's age since he was born on a Tuesday. So this Tuesday Owen was 12 weeks old. In my mind 12 weeks = 3 months. But not in this case!

At least I made fun of myself in the same post for not being able to count months!!! Little did I know I was making the mistake in the same post! I guess that means another post on the 10th with new pictures for everyone, shucks!

Sorry all, I will try to get my act promises but I will try! Please pray for Pat and the kiddos, they have to live with me and hear me talk on a daily basis! Now everyone knows why my children will never be home-schooled! I guess I can't blame my absent-mindedness (I had to ask Ang how to say/spell that word!!) on the pregnancy any more :(.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 3 month Birthday Owen!

The big man is 3 months old today! I can officially change from weeks to months when I talk about his age. That also means I will probably call him 3 months old for 2 more months. I'm not the greatest with numbers especially month calculations! Here's some pictures I took today! He's starting to hold his head up more, so I can get cuter pictures without the carpet as the background!

Both of my kids make really serious faces. I just tell myself that they are thinking a lot and are going to be really intelligent like their mom (ha we all know that was a type-o).

Still serious...

Look at that cheeky smile! PRECIOUS!

Here's our little-big man! These are some names that he is called at this point in his life (mostly by his loving big sis): little Owie (thanks to Emme), little who-who (created by Lynlee and we have no clue why she started this!), chubby wubby or shubby wubbers depending on her mood, little chub, Owe-nen (thanks to Isabella), fat-man, and Mr. cheekers. That all I can think of at this moment, but I have a feeling there are a few more!