Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 years ago today!

This cute little button decided to show up while I was shopping at Dillards! No, I didn't have her at Dillard's but my water broke there...alone! This is one of the rare pictures of my little baby not crying.

Then this is her at her 1 year birthday party! Her sweet "razorback" birthmark has nearly faded to nothing now.

Now she's two! I love those cubby cheeks. They have left us for now :(

These were from her 2nd birthday party. She's such a dare-devil!!

This was her at her 3rd year bday party. She's about to make some serious tie-dye!

This is her not too long ago. We will have pictures of her posted from today soon!


Let's see if I can remember how to do this! Sorry for my absence, I've been boycotting blogging for quite some time now! Just for 2 main reasons: 1. Takes too much time out of my day and time has become very precious in our household lately and 2. I feel like you need a talent or something interesting to really be a good blog and I feel I lack in both categories. I guess if absent-mindedness is a talent than I'm really good at that! Oh and let me add 3. My writing abilities are let's say below average and eventually lowers my self-esteem.

Just wanted to apologize to the 3 people that used to read my blog and hope you eventually come back to read again! I thought I would get that all off my chest before I had to blog for Lynlee's birthday which is tomorrow!

I will end with a picture of what our summer has looked like so far! Sorry back-door neighbors!